Here's How It Works

Step 1:

Install Plugin

Install the free JoeMobi plugin on your WordPress blog, and begin the design process for developing your own iPhone, Android and BlackBerry applications.

Step 2:


Make your app unique by uploading your blog logo, icon, backgrounds and color settings.

Step 3:

Download App

Purchase JoeMobi, then download and share your new iPhone, Android and BlackBerry applications with your users, whether on the app store or via direct download.

Publications that have featured JoeMobi


Presenting the Windows 8 Store app from JoeMobi

Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in Announcements, Upcoming Features | 0 comments

  We’ve expanded our platform lineup again! JoeMobi is excited to announce the addition of Windows 8 to our available platforms! Your readers can now integrate your blog content into their Windows 8 experience.   As with our other platforms, we have incorporated the native functionality expected. We are using Modern UI style elements, live tile updates with push notifications on the start menu and charm integration. Readers will be able to browse your latest posts, category and tag items from the home page. They can bring up the...

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App Store Terms and Conditions

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in How To | 0 comments

From time to time, the app stores may update their terms and conditions or privacy policies for either users (the people who download apps) or developers (the people who publish apps). We try to alert you to these when we know there’s an update that affects JoeMobi users. If you’re registering as a new developer, there will be policies and terms that you will have to accept before your registration is complete. Even if you give us access to your developer accounts in order to assist you in submitting your apps, we are –...

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Splash Screens 101

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in How To | 0 comments

What is a splash screen, and why do you need one for your JoeMobi app? You know that awesome/lovely/insane artwork you view when your favourite but complex app is loading?  Sometimes it’s an image, most of the time it’s a logo?  That, is the splash screen.  Why do you need to know about splash screens? Because your app needs one!  It’s a visual diversion for the user while your app loads but it’s also a great way to increase the profile of your brand. So how do you make an effective splash screen? First and foremost, it should be...

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